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              Company Introduction
              Guilin Guibei Machine CO., LTD, which reformed to a private corporation in the year 2006 from a mechanical key state-owned enterprise, is a special manufacturer to make surface grinding machine and packing machine with 40 years history.
              The company focuses on the market and insists on technical innovation and development. It applies itself to make machines which are close to the customers with independent innovation and advanced technology abroad. The company developed lots of characteristic middle or top grade machines with high cost performance and perfect service in all kinds of standards.
              The products of the company include surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle and reciprocating table, surface grinding machines with vertical spindle and reciprocation table, precise PLC surface grinding machines, double column grinding machines, pint-sized manual or semiautomatic grinding machines and different kinds of special grinding machines, universal milling machines, floor type milling & boring machines, packing machines and packing product lines.
              During the last years, the company takes a one-up position in domestic mechanical manufacture. Its products could be used to many industries such as military industry, car industry, ship industry, equipment manufacture industry, mould industry, spinning, food and medical industry. The sales of the company cover 20 provinces besides Hong Kong and Taiwan in China and export to many other countries, for example Italy, Germany, The USA, Russia, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Syria, The United Arab Emirates, Iran, Nigeria, Malaysia and Vietnam, etc.
              This company is also one of The Top 100 Corporations of China machine tools industry. It was awarded as the Advancing Enterprise of China mechanical industry and Information Demonstration Corporation. The company has independent right of import and export. It has been both ISO 9001:2000 and CE certified. The brand ˇ°Guibei Machineˇ± was chose to be the famous brand in Guangxi province in 2007, and in 2008 the company was chose to be Technology Centre of Guangxi province.
              More friends, brighter future.
              All friends are warmly welcome to visit the company and make business, technology cooperation and investment to get great development together with us! 

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